SOFTUBS / SOFTUB is proud to offer Softubs, America's favorite lightweight, full-featured, portable hot tub. Softubs are designed to provide healing hydrotherapy from the soothing water jets and cushioned, barrier-free seating with room for one to six adults. In addition to being light, portable, and comfortable Softubs are environmentally friendly.

Softubs are easy to install - indoors or out. Using your Softub is simple. Just ROLL your Softub to the desired location, CONNECT the Hydromate, and FILL with water. No professional electrician or special tools are required for installing your Softub spa. 

Unlike most spas, Softubs are not limited to just one location. You can enjoy your Softub outdoors during warmer months and indoors during colder months. Softub offers you the freedom to relax anytime, anywhere you want. When you're ready to to change it's location just empty your Softub and roll it to your desired location.

All Softubs are equipped with a folding lockable cover. Choose from six exterior designer colors and two liner colors. Softubs are truly energy efficient with patented advanced heating technology that heats without a heater. We offer a complete line of Softub chemicals to help keep your spa running at it's peak!

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