• No lights on the GFCI or control panel
  • Check to ensure there is power at the outlet by plugging a lamp or similar object into the same plug.
  • Push the test and reset buttons on the GFCI
    • If there is power at the outlet and the GFCI will not reset: Replace GFCI
  • No lights on the control panel and the GFCI light is on
  • Push the test and reset buttons of the GFCI
    • If the lights on the control do not come back on this may indicate a need for a new upper control or circuit board. Please call service center for diagnostic technical support to ensure you purchase the correct part.
  • Power light is blinking
  • Push the reset button on the control panel and unplugging and plugging your pump back in
  • If the light still blinks: Replace circuit board


  • Water in tub is not getting warm enough (104 max temp)
  • Be sure to use an accurate temperature measuring device and set dial/control pad at 10 and wait until motor stops running (Please note: The first time you fill your Softub with water it may take several days to reach 104F)
    • Is the pump running? Softubs are designed to draw heat from the running motor to heat the water….if your pump is running your tub WILL heat. Be sure the air is in the off position, water will still circulate.
    • If the pump is running: How long does it run at one time? If your motor is short cycling or turning itself on and off at quicker intervals than normal you may need a new circuit board or pump.
  • If the pump is running and shutting off too soon replace the circuit board.
  • If the pump is humming instead of running and possibly tripping your house breaker:
  • Replace the pump


  • First, check the connecting blue hoses and the red hoses on your motor (the red hoses are found inside the Hydromate foam shell)
  • If leakage is from the blue or red hoses, tighten/replace hose clamps.
  • If the leakage is from the pump, check the area between the motor and the pump housing. Corrosion in this area implies long term leakage.
  • Replace pump or pump seal. (Please note: Corrosion seen in this area suggests a shorter motor life)


  • Turn Hydromate off and allow your tub to leak until the water level stabilizes. This water line is just below the area that is leaking.
  • Check the gaskets and wall fittings .
  • Check for any cracks or holes.

(Note: It is very uncommon for the plumbing inside the tub walls to leak or defect.)

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