Tips from the Dream Catcher Sales Staff

  1. Be sure to put all straps in place BEFORE you start to fill tub. The easiest way is to actually lock the straps on the tub, place the tub exactly where you want it, then unlock and fill the tub. The locks numbers come pre set to 00 from the factory. You must have the locks on 00 to both open and shut the locks. If you wish to change the numbers, unlock the lock, look down inside it. There is a small spot to stick a pin, hold it in place, and change the numbers to whatever you wish.
  2. It is easier to get the hoses connected to the tub if you dampen the connections with water first. If there doesn’t seem to be enough room to insert the pipe into the blue sleeve from the tub side, loosen the clamps on the motor side, center the ends of the tub and motor pipes in the middle of the blue sleeve. Then tighten all clamps again.
  3. Do not try to install or remove the filter until the tub is up to 102o. If it’s already on, that’s fine. If it’s not on, that’s fine also, as you can install it later when the water is 102o. You will be able to tell its ok to install, if you can flex the collar. You may want to let the filter sit in the warm tub until it softens up.
  4. As you begin to fill the tub, reach in and smooth the liner, so there are no creases in the bottom. Any you see on the side walls are acceptable. You may wish to start with warm (not hot) water, as it’s more comfortable on your hands. This will also shorten your initial heat up time.
  5. Once the tub is full, plug it in, adjust the temperature to your desired setting. This will start the jets running. You willnot want the air running while the tub is heating. If it is not off, be sure to rotate it to the off position so that only the water jets are on. This will ensure the fastest heat up of the tub.
  6. Your Air jets should only be on while you are in the tub. If you hear your tub running a lot, you have probably left your air jets on. Make it a habit to turn the air jets off, before you get out of the tub.
  7. You can assume that the tub will heat approximately 2 degrees per hour, so you can expect anywhere between 12 and 36 hours depending upon initial water temp. If it seems to be taking significantly longer, see # 6.
  8. After the tub is full and has started heating, use your first water test strip (you are adjusting to the "OK for spa” color range). Follow instructions on individual containers for your chemicals. Add 4 oz of Relieve or Be Gon to 300 gal. when filling. We recommend that you adjust your chlorine first. Unless your PH shows very low, adjust your chlorine and wait for 12 to 24 hours before you adjust the PH, as chlorine will bring up the PH. Over the time you own your tub, you may often notice that the PH is just a little low, and that by simply chlorinating your tub you might bring it right back into the correct range. If it does not bring it back into the correct range, go ahead and use the softrise.
  9. Make sure that any time you are in the tub, the chlorine test portion of the strip, shows at least some purple.
  10. Any time you add treatments to the tub, make sure your water jets are on, so that all water, including that in the pipes, gets treated and all chemicals dissolve and do not sit on the floor of the tub.
  11. Check your hose clamps 24 to 48 hours after initial set up. The warmth of the tub will sometimes cause a need for additional tightening.
  12. Mail warranty to Softub within 10 days of receipt of tub. Your Softub Dealer is:
    Dream Catcher
    P.O. Box 9361
    Wichita, Kansas, 67277

Routine Treatment Sheet

  1. Softchlor is the primary product used to keep your water clean and safe for your use. Its purpose is to disinfect and kill bacteria and other agents that may grow in your water. You should use this product regularly to ensure a clean and healthy tub. Your water test strip should ALWAYS show purple when you get in. The test strip bottle shows the recommended color, it will be listed under "OK for SPA”. We like treating the tub after we use it, so the chlorine odor is not so strong. Since chlorine oxidizes, if you put in the recommended amount for the amount of water in your tub, it should be down to a comfortable level the next day when get in again. If chlorine smell is strong and stripes are not purple, go by smell and do not add any more chlorine. You should continue to check your tub with a test strip daily, until you familiarize yourself, and develop a routine that brings your water to a comfortable chlorine level. Treating after getting out of the tub is just a recommendation, if your tubs chlorine level is not where it should be when you want to get in it, just add enough to bring it to the correct level, run the jets, and wait 15 minutes before getting in the tub. Add 4 oz. of Relieve or Gon when filling your tub.
  2. If your water gets cloudy, try double dosing with Chlorine first. This may mean that you have something growing in your water. Do not get in the tub, until the chlorine level is back down in the safe area. If the water is still cloudy, see # 11 below.
  3. Softrise(PH up), is the product you will use if your PH drops too low. Softdown(PH down), is the product you will use if you PH is to high. However, you should always adjust your Chlorine level before adjusting your PH level, as chlorine will affect your PH. You may find after chlorinating, that your PH is just right.
  4. If you have purchased the large water care kit, you now have several items that will extend the life of your water.
    • Spa Perfect – You can use this product with lid off and high jets, as often as once a week using the large cap provided. This product gathers body oils and helps to break it down to be filtered out. Combined with the use of the scum sponges this can cut down on your work cleaning the tub. Use high jets with the lid off.
    • PH lock – Will stabilize your PH, however you will want to see if you need it before using it. You may find that your water is stable enough without it, and you will not need it at all. If you find yourself adjusting the ph more than once every 2 to 3 weeks, you may want to use the PH lock when you change your water.
    • InSPAration – This product, softens skin, smells nice, and will help reduce chlorine odor.
    • Renew – We recommend that you use this filter cleaner once a month, or after cleaning up anything that might have been spilled in your tub. Remove the filter sock, set the filter in the sink, spray with Renew, and let sit 5 minutes. Rinse very thoroughly, or you will end up with foam in your tub when you hit the air jets the next time. If you do end up with foam, use the next product.
    • Foam Away - This product does exactly what it says. It will instantly knock down any soapsuds that appear in your tub. Just a light squirt across the top of the water is all you will need. You will also find this product helpful, if someone gets in with clothes that have soapsuds. Any clothes that have been in a washing machine, (even if on rinse only) will have suds in them. We recommend a new suit, that you hand rinse when necessary.
    • CalciumUp – Is only used if you have soft water. It is best if you can avoid using soft water.
    • Swirl Away – You will use this once a year, with lid off and low jets. We recommend you use this product more often if you have very hard water and get a lot of mineral deposits.
    • Refresh – This is the product to try if your water is cloudy or dull and is not cleared up by chlorine. This is also the product to try, if you have spilled something in the tub. This product gathers and brings "stuff ” in the water to the surface in the form of a scum. Use high jets, lid off, recommend one a month, use the sponges and/or clean rags, to get rid of the scum, and get your nice sparkling water back.
  5. Softub no longer recommends Softshock for their Softubs.
  6. NEVER use Armor All on your tub. It’s not good for the stitching. Use 303 to protect your vinyl.
  7. The recommended lifespan of the filters is 1 year. We have found through personal experience, that having a second filter and switching them out every month so that they can fully dry out between uses, has extended the life of the filters by as much as a year.
  8. Scum sponges do a lot of the work for you. We all have several of them.
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